Peter Albano
ASIN: B01F78O19K
Publisher: Lume Books
Pages: 258

It is the first day of December, 1983. Ted ‘Trigger’ Ross is a very long way from his past as a World War II hero, as forty years later he travels aboard the steamer Sparta, through the Bering Sea. Then, as if from nowhere come Japanese aircraft, Zeros, World War II vintage — and nearly four decades after that war ended, they are heading straight for Sparta.As they undertake their strafing run, destroying the blood-soaked Sparta and killing most of her crew, Trigger Ross is hurled out of calm normality and back into the horrors of war.Because for the crew of the carrier Yonaga, World War II has not yet ended. The crew of the carrier Yonaga are samurai, and that means following orders, even to the death.And the crew of the Yonaga have orders to attack Pearl Harbor. Orders that have never been revoked, and which must therefore be carried out.As Ross, a prisoner on board the Yonaga, finds ...
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