Jenny Lamb
ASIN: B01F7H67U2
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 46

Ester and Micah are on a quest.They find a magical fairy ring in their back yard and are magically transported into the Book of Mormon!In this first book, they visit Nephi's boat as it crosses the ocean.Inside of the story, they discover a whole new side to the story of Nephi, his brothers, and the Liahona. Along with the help of Nephi's younger siblings, they do their best to help the Liahona start working again -- and to save them all from an enormous storm.This book is a family-friendly read-aloud for ages 4+ and a great chapter book for children to read on their own.This is book 1 of 10. Book 1, The Liahona: 2, Abinadi: 3, Escape from Zarahemla: 4, Delivered from Amulon: 5, Alma's Conversion: ...
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