John T. Cullen
Publisher: Clocktower Books
Pages: 87

As many people suspect, religions around the world have more in common than not. This article explores the commonalities of three great historic expressions of spirituality: Animism, Polytheism, and Monotheism. Surprisingly--or not--a closer analysis shows that all three are essentially rearrangements of the same deck chairs on a Titanic (history filled with sectarian bloodshed) that can be avoided through understanding. This article introduces a fourth modality of individual freedom from what amounts to bad leadership. We can free ourselves from fear and oppression when we resist demagogues and other bad leaders who use religion and patriotism to rally gullible people for their own selfish, short-term purposes. The freedom is there - if we educate ourselves, and think for ourselves.From the archaic period through the end of her Western empire, Rome was a continuum of three great ...
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