Alan Killip
ASIN: B01F9366YG
Publisher: Hatcham Press
Pages: 72

"To say that these stories have surprise endings is an understatement." - Israel Drazin, VINE VOICE‘Genie’ is a tale about the first and only Genie, a being born in a freak cosmic accident who tries to make friends with humans by granting them wishes but ends up wreaking havoc.‘Eleanor Unleashed’ is a short psychological thriller about a woman who wakes in the night possessed by her dark side, and her husband discovers some unpleasant truths.‘Lachlan’ is a satire and psychological thriller about a psychopathic six foot lizard who torments a mild mannered man called Henry and is the by product of his repressed anger.‘Sarah’s Dad’ is a touching tale of growing up, of the changing relationship between a single Dad and his only daughter.‘Tapestry of Joy’ is an apocalyptic vision of a cosmic event witnessed by a well meaning woman called Joy in an alternative universe ...
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