Marc Crepeaux
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 72

“This pedestal of work is insightful and demanding. You will never look at the modern world with the same eyes.” –Frank Greenwald, Electrician from Chicago.“I read four poems and I wept. The images culled my heart.” –Lane Clemons, New York Taxi Driver.“I told Mom she had to buy this to remind her of when Dad worked the graveyard shift.” –Brian Medder Student, Pittsburgh.“I’ll use this to keep table seven from wobbling once I’m done reading it underneath the covers with a flashlight.” –Janet Habersham, Waitress in Kansas City.“I had to hide a copy from my bunk mate so he would actually sleep at lights out and be up in time for chow.” –Private Bobby Masterson, 88M Ft. Eustis.This collection of poetry, prose and art is a salute and celebration of the modern American worker. Generations of unrecognized heroes who wash our cars, mow our lawns, bake our ...
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