Louise Davidson
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 74

Do It Yourself Sweet and Savory Gift in jars to give to friends and family! Truly, unique and creative gifts from the heart.Download FREE with Kindle Unlimited!Do-it-yourself edible gift jars are beautiful gifts to give to your family and friends at your next gathering. This book offers 50 ways of making and presenting these unique food gifts. These homemade treats are quick and fun to make and friendly on the wallet, given that most of the ingredients (as well as the jars) can be bought in bulk. The amount of effort and time put into the making of these gifts will also earn you extra brownie points. Canning jars have been gaining popularity in the past year. One reason is because of their versatility; they can be put to good use in the kitchen, garden, and even in the bathroom. In this book, the jars are used for containing the present as well as performing the role of a wrapping paper ...
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