Jim Campanis Jr.
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Pages: 282

Jim Campanis Jr. is a third generation professional baseball player whose career stopped just short of the major leagues. Born Into Baseball is a collection of Jim’s stories about his life in and around the game: •As a boy—meeting star players, being batboy, sitting in the owner’s box•As a prospect—starring in high school, making All-American at USC, being drafted in the third round•In the minors—enduring long bus trips and seedy hotels, climbing the cut-throat pro ball ladder, living and laughing through wild timesBut even with all the thrills and triumphs, Jim’s path in baseball was far from an easy one. With every open door came great pressure. Every success he enjoyed was followed by injustice or an injury. Jim’s elite status as a Campanis provided many opportunities, but that fame turned to infamy when his grandfather Al, longtime GM of the Los Angeles ...
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