Bren Hartwig
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 13

I’ll keep this simple…..Like a lot of people, I started to pray when I was desperate. I was in pain, severe lower disc trauma, spasms of pain taking my breath away. I had been suffering for weeks; I was full of medication, exhausted and needing surgery.One night, still a few hours from dawn, I lay there, waiting for the next spasm to jolt my body and wondered what it would be like to just shut my eyes and drift to nothingness.Nothingness…the void, the darkness, pain-free emptiness, the blackness of no sensation whatsoever…and I wondered past that thought, and considered what really happens to us when we close our eyes for very last time…..And then, something came into my mind that changed my life forever.A thought.A notion.A voice from nowhere? In truth, I am not sure, all I know is that a seed of an idea grew from somewhere and started to grow.A plea…an aching, lonely, yearning plea to ...
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