Lee Wardlow
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 728

As days go by, the lives they knew and want to recapture become only memories faded by time and tragedy.Joseph Truth is one of the wealthiest plantation owners in the North Carolina. He struggles with what is right for him and his family versus what is right for the South. He has eight sons who are of age to fight a war he wants no part of. Raven, Joseph’s only daughter. Abolitionist. Free thinking woman. Intelligent and high-spirited. A rarity in a Southern woman. She may not believe in the institution of slavery but her men are fighting this cause for the Confederacy She can’t turn her back on them. They are her father, brothers, friends and husband. She’ll do her part for the men of the Confederacy not the Confederacy itself. Ransom and Robert Grant, no relation to the General; two Union officers who are torn between loyalty to their Northern roots and the Southern women they love. ...
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