E M Swift-Hook
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 388

One man's fight against fate shapes the destiny of an entire world.“If he lives, perhaps we shall find out what kind of fighter he is, this man from the stars.”From the moment he wakes up in the caravan of the merchant-princess Alexa the Fair, Avilon Revid has to fight simply to survive in a world where he is seen as alien and dangerous. Battling to obtain his freedom, Avilon must push his skills and resources to the limit, if he is to find a way off-planet before his enemies can track him down.Temsevar is an insignificant Periphery World on the very fringes of Coalition dominated galactic civilisation. Settled long before the rise of faster-than-light technologies and left isolated for hundreds of years, its population have degenerated into the barbarism of a medieval culture. This primitive world has nothing the wealthy planets of the Coalition could want, until it becomes ...
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