P Storm
Publisher: P. Storm
Pages: 240

Terri Shaw is one of the best defense attorneys in the Tri-state area and has a thriving firm to prove it. About a year ago, another defense attorney named Jazzlyn Smalls that she has always heard about enters her office wanting some help. As she looked at the young lady she reminded her of her sister Lisa Lopez, to afraid to ask her any questions she agrees to help her fake her own death. In the process she finds out that Jazzlyn Smalls is her decease sister daughter. She has offered her a job and waiting to hear back from her, in the meanwhile her boyfriend Scott Weatherman wants her to quit her firm and travel the world. But she has been keeping a secret from him for seven months, and that is she has been having an affair with a woman name London Fox. When London gives an ultimatum Terri has to choose between the life she has been living or the life she has always hid that will make ...
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