John North
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“Your best asset is your health, take advantage of it.If it is good don’t spoil it; if it is not, don’t waste it anymore”Pablo Picasso.We are what we eat.There are few truths as evident as this ne.Once, your mother and the popular culture used to tell you.Now, science is telling it to you too.As in many fields of science, only time is needed to contrast a new hypothesis, and the dogmas and beliefs about what is right, just change.In health this is not different, and slowly, new researches overlap the previous ones, revealing things we thought to be true are in reality, the product of circumstantial effects, collaterals, or even the direct result of economical pressure by the big companies. Remember that, some studies about the benefits of certain foods and the problems of others, are funded and promoted by enterprises from the food industry — producers, manufacturers and/or ...
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