Sunday Winters
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 248

Warning: The hilariously irreverent and profane material contained within this book is not appropriate for sensitive readers or anyone under 18. See the disclaimer below.Where the hell is the red wine?That’s exactly what thirty-year-old Carlie Michaels wants to know after discovering that Blanca Sanchez, her childhood friend-turned-nemesis, has achieved even more fame and glory just as Carlie’s comfortably bland life begins a steep, red-wine and profanity-filled descent into hilarious chaos.Suddenly Carlie goes from an under-employed existence as a freelance writer in suburban Portland, Oregon, to red wine-fueled re-entry into L.A., where she finds herself managing Ben Gold, the lead singer of The Raging *ssholes and recovering addict, who also happens to be her younger brother—otherwise known as “the golden child.”In the midst of dealing with her divorce; L.A. traffic; Patty ...
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