Payton Lane
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 95

When a handsome man walks into Yvonne Smith's jewelry store, she only meant to lighten his somber mood by telling him a silly story. How could she have known Gregory Wood's smile could melt a woman's heart? Unfortunately it's not just his face that's irresistible.All Greg wants is to sell off the engagement ring from a broken relationship. He's not looking for always and forever anymore, but Yvonne's unassuming charm is addictive. Greg can't seem to get enough.Just like 1001 Nights, that first story turns into many more and a lot nights spent confessing secret desires. It's foolhardy to believe he could love her so soon after a heartbreak, but as the weeks pass Yvonne starts to suspect Greg might be The One. He still wants nothing to do with love.Her choice becomes clear: ignore her heart or protect it?
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