A. Mitchell
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Pages: 23

"WEIGHT LOSS MADE SIMPLE AND EASY!" "OUTSTANDING BOOK! IMPORTANT FOR ANYONE LOSING WEIGHT." "WOW THIS QUICK TIP GUIDE PACKS A LOT OF INFORMATION..." "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!"The art of weight loss is that winning combination of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplementation that will allow you to re-shape your body like Michelangelo shaped a statue. It is the balancing act necessary between eating enough calories for basic human function vs. not consuming extra calories through poor food choices. Whether your desire to lose weight is health-related or purely vanity based, this book will inform and motivate those interested in the one thing we all seem to constantly search for…effective and long-term weight loss."I am finished with starvation diets and I am going to the fresh market today to stock up on everything he suggests."..."I loved the fact that it was a short and easy read, with ...
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