Patrick Auerbach
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The pirate Blackbeard is perhaps the most notorious of sea robbers.Blackbeard was British, probably born before 1690. His real name was thought to be Edward Teach. As a young seaman, he had served on a British privateer that was based in Jamaica, an island in the Caribbean. Privateers were privately owned, armed ships hired by governments during time of war. The privateers' mission was to attack the ships of the enemy. Queen Anne of Britain allowed Teach's privateer to plunder French and Spanish ships during the War of the Spanish Succession and to keep stolen goods. By war's end, Teach had become an experienced sea robber. He then joined a group of fierce Caribbean pirates.Soon the cunning, fearless Teach became captain of his own ship. A ship he had stolen! He added cannons and reinforced the ship's sides. His ship was swift, easy to handle, and able to carry a large crew of as many ...
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