Ray Ruppert
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 524

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to try to defeat Jesus Christ after He has been ruling on the earth for a thousand years? Have you wondered how Satan can deceive billions of people while Jesus is physically present on the earth? Do you wonder how people will rule with Christ and govern the nations with a rod of iron? In this novel, you will find the answer to these and many other questions about life 999 years after the battle of Armageddon in this new world order called the Millennium Reign of Christ.Those who oppose the new world order will make you wonder if the world ruler, The Sovereign Yehowshuwa, is really who he claims to be. They uncover knowledge hidden for ages and present compelling arguments to prove the wrong person won the battle of Armageddon. Was humanity’s real savior, The Chancellor Ben-Shaachar, imprisoned for one thousand years?Originally presented in ...
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