Shining Universe Energy
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Pages: 65

New and Improved - 2nd EditionAlign your INNER SELF and harness the UNLIMITED POWER of the conscious and the subconscious mind.Learn one of the world's oldest techniques FOR INNER PEACE, WELL-BEING AND MENTAL CLARITY.A COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE - this book is the perfect start for a newbie into the world of MEDITATION.Written in very simple and easy to understand language, this book will tell you: The History and Background of Meditation Why Meditation is so important even today Different techniques of Meditation Benefits of MeditationWith so much chaos and confusion in the world today, Meditation is perhaps an answer and can bring in some sanity.Get this Book NOW and start meditating today! And yes, please do introduce your friends and family to MEDITATION too as soon as you see the benefits!Double Bonus inside - Get 2 Additional Books - ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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