Kate Wingo
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 301

His greatest battle will be for her love. The Highland Mist series continues . . . Once sworn enemies, the fearsome knight Sir Galen de Ogilvy and the beautiful, headstrong Scotswoman, Laoghaire MacKinnon, have been ordered by Robert the Bruce to wed one another in order to end the blood feud between their two families. And though their marriage is born of ancient hatreds, beneath the newlyweds’ fiery exchanges an explosive passion simmers. But Laoghaire soon discovers a far more dangerous enemy lurking in the shadows, one who will stop at nothing to sever the burgeoning bond between her and Galen. When the treachery is finally revealed, it will put their love and their lives in deadly peril. HER SCOTTISH WARRIOR is a sensuous and spirited tale in which swords and hearts clash, as a formidable warrior and a bold-hearted bride discover that love, and not revenge, is the one thing worth ...
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