Danny Or Fuchs
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 180

A devoted father searches for a way to his autistic son’s heart: an unforgettable journey into the private life of a family dealing with autism.After the end of his first marriage, Danny is remarried to Nataly, the love of his life. When their beautiful baby boy, Uriel, is diagnosed with autism, their lives are changed forever. At first, the family is devastated, anxious and confused, but the complex situations they are faced with will teach them insightful lessons and change them forever, as a couple, as parents and as human beings.An exceptional story of fate, devotion, love and dedication that proves hope is the strongest weapon of all. As Danny narrates in his honest and passionate tone, that will melt your heart and touch your soul, the family suddenly finds itself struggling with inconsiderate institutes and indifferent bureaucracy; dealing with social ignorance, discrimination ...
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4.5 stars from 63 ratings
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