Brendan Gisby
ASIN: B01G5FP616
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 176

THE PERCENTAGES MEN chronicles the rise and fall of a fictional market research agency based in the good City of Glasgow. Its central characters include a trio of the agency's directors. One is an alternately charming and frightening sociopath. One is a megalomaniac, a Scot with a Presbyterian work ethic, but with no morals to match. And the third is the money man, a silver-tongued liar and an abject coward. Into this mix comes a thinker, a tough, intelligent workaholic whose ideas and drive will propel the company to success. They are THE PERCENTAGES MEN. Percentages are their stock-in-trade, their commodity. They'll use percentages to change the face of Blair's New Britain. And to make themselves rich. Until greed and jealousy tear them apart. Until the implosion.
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