Matthew Robert Payne
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Pages: 103

Did you know that it is possible to visit heaven and see who is living up there? Do you know that if you have a great relationship with Jesus, and if God has a purpose for it, that people who are living in heaven can come down to earth and visit you and spend time with you?One day, while Matthew watched a documentary called “This Is It” by Michael Jackson, Michael appeared to him. He proceeded to sing the songs on the film and dance in the room with Matthew. Soon, through multiple visits, Matthew grew to know Michael fairly well.In April 2016, Michael got Matthew out of bed and with the help of God’s Spirit, did a three-hour interview with Matthew. It was a divine revelation of heaven and more. Why don’t you read this message and spend some time to see what Michael has to say about:•What heaven is like•What he is doing up there•What Jesus is really like •The keys to a ...
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