Nancy McGovern
Publisher: McGovern Books
Pages: 75

THIS IS THE NOVELLA-LENGTH PREQUEL TO THE FULL LENGTH COZY MYSTERIES IN NANCY MCGOVERN'S POPULAR SERIES, "A MURDER IN MILBURN"! MEET NORA NEWBERRY, THE CLEVER & CALCULATING FEMALE SLEUTH, AS A TEENAGER, BEFORE SHE BECAME THE YOUNG WOMAN SHE IS IN THE MAIN BOOKS OF THE SERIES!*** BEFORE YOU BUY: GET TWO BOOKS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! YOU CAN GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE WHEN YOU JOIN NANCY'S MAILING LIST! FIND THE LINK IN ANY OF HER OTHER BOOKS! DEATH AT A DINER IS THE FIRST FULL-LENGTH STORY IN THIS SERIES SO IT WOULD BE THE BEST PLACE TO FIND IT!Whether you are new to the series or a dedicated fan, hungry for more, this Prequel is for you!Fifteen year old Nora Newberry is quiet and introverted, the farthest thing from a social butterfly. And, while she has her small clique of friends, none of them compares to Raquel Madden. Raquel is more like a sister than a best friend, and it's been ...
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