Sasha Evdakov
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 57

20 Rules for Investing Success: Mental Insights to Trading and Investing on the Stock Market is a book where I share my key rules about investing and trading stocks in the stock market.Use these rules as a guideline to improve your trading strategies and systems within the markets. These rules are concepts, ideas, and methodologies that I have learnt over the last 10+ years trading in the stock market. Every journey to become a profitable trader is difficult and most of it has to do with inner mental roadblocks. Roadblocks that slow you down to getting to your destination and roadblocks that stop you from reaching your success. These rules are a way for you to jump over those roadblocks. They allow you to go through them, see beyond the wall, and take a detour to get to where you want to go.Let me guide you in this stock market journey and take that step forward in moving closer to your ...
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