Mike Omer
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 442

A gripping serial killer thriller from Mike Omer, Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of A Killer’s MindTwenty year old Kendele Byers is savagely killed and buried in a shallow grave. She had a violent past, a bizarre kinky line of work, and the suspect list grows longer every day.But when another woman is murdered, Detective Mitchell Lonnie realizes that there’s something much more sinister afoot, a connection between the two murders. Both victims had received a clue hinting their oncoming demise several minutes before they were attacked. There’s a serial killer in Glenmore Park. Even worse, he seems to be accelerating his murder pace.Now Mitchell and his partner need to locate the killer before more innocent women die. But when his sister gets involved, Mitchell’s focus begins to unravel. Soon his pursuit becomes personal, and the stakes rise very high…The ...
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4.5 stars from 391 ratings
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