Wayne C Stewart
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 350

A black diplomatic sedan. An astonishing claim.200-plus years of American freedom has run its course. Terror Wars Vet Zeb Dalton is as stunned as everyone else. After Chinese dark tech locks up America's nuclear deterrent, Washington has no choice but to surrender the greater Seattle area as the newest PRC province. Three million citizens. A forced baptism into unknown language, culture, and identity. But the brilliant former signal corpsman isn't about to accept the new normal. It's his hometown.And his code.On the other side of the world, an unknown counterpart works toward the same ends. But contact, let alone cooperation, faces long and uncertain odds, especially as Beijing seeks to erase any measure of resistance, by any means necessary.While America spends her blood and treasure in foreign conflicts, China has been building. Patient. Waiting for this very moment.Two men stand in ...
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