Jean L. Kuhnke
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 135

Sophia Grace leaves home after losing her father and then her Nana when her mother tries to push her into a marriage with an unscrupulous man. Just as her life is settling in the new town, her childhood crush turns up as the Foreman of the Rose Cottage Farm. Hearing that her mother and sisters allowed the people of her hometown to believe she left town in disgrace, she is even more surprised to hear that he thinks that the child Gracie, belongs to her.As Sophie nears her twenty-fifth birthday, her mother shows up, after several years of absence, trying to marry her off. They realize that there must be something in Nana's will causing the problem. It is more than the will, it is the heritage of Nana's family going back several hundred years that is at stake. The knowledge of an 'Honor Keeper' from the Hansen family causes even more trouble for Sophie's mother and consequently Sophie, and ...
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