Jay McTavish
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 28

Optimism For LifeThe Key to SuccessHave you ever met a person who always finds the good in everything? Annoying isn't it? With all the bad things in the world, how can one possibly find the good in most situations? Yes some people are born more optimistic than others, maybe because of how they were raised or the way they were taught in school, but none-the-less it is possible for everyone to change, don't think that you're a lost cause.Reading this book will kick start some ways to change from a pessimist into an optimist. People tend to gravitate towards positive people and they feel sorry orperhaps avoid altogether negative people.Negative people not only start to destroy their own lives but their pessimism also starts destroying the lives of others.Pessimism is a curse that could lead towards complete failure. On the other hand,optimistic people not only win the hearts of others but ...
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