Russell Eaton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 158

Being healthy throughout life is by far the greatest way to extend your life. Contrary to popular belief, there are simple things you can do starting today that can vastly improve your health and longevity.You really can improve your health much more than you realize and it is never too late to start. What you need is a blueprint (a strategy if you like) that you can follow, step by step to optimize your health. This book gives you that.Unlike other books which focus on the historical and social aspects of longevity, this book is a practical manual showing how you stay fit, young and healthy all the way into your old age. It is written in plain language with no fluff or hot air. This is a 'how to' manual for both health professionals and lay-people alike.If you're expecting a diet book with weight loss strategies please do see our sister book 'The Lipo Diet'. This book, The Science of ...
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