Art DeForest
Publisher: Art DeForest
Pages: 318

The first 3 books in the Series!A beautiful outcast from the vampires, Kaitly Strong stalks the night hunting the monsters in her own race. Constantly searching for the one who turned her against her will so many years ago.“Hello Chew Toy” said a shadow as it separated itself from the darkness surrounding a nearby tree. Moving into the open, Gino Abandonado grinned at me viciously. “No big bad protector around to save you now.” He chuckled.I snorted in response. “I see you managed to grow your leg back,” I said with derision. “You should probably use it to run away while you have a chance. If it had been me you fought when we last met, I’d have just dusted your ass.”Gino sneered his disdain as his stake and dagger slid out of his jacket sleeves. “You will not find me as easy to handle as my minions back at the plane. I don’t see your kitty cat protector either. I ...
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