Bree Wolf
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 132

Two brothers. A brilliant, young lady. And a love that will not be denied. When ROSE LAWSON meets a handsome, and yet, intelligent man at the British Museum, she quickly fancies herself in love. However, upon hearing his name, anger boils in her veins. His name is familiar. Too familiar. In the worst possible way.Rose knows she ought to hate him…but her heart refuses, traitorously urging her to consider his plight.Torn from his old life, CHARLES DASHWOOD finds himself wandering the British Museum alone. Gone are his friends with whom he shared his interest in antiquities. Gone is their companionship.In his desolate state, he comes upon a young lady, who seems to share the very passion he is now forced to ignore. A stimulating conversation ensues, which takes a turn for the worse when she learns his name…or rather his twin’s name.All of a sudden, Charles is faced with a problem not ...
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