Justine Sebastian
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 342

Sparrow Falls, Louisiana is a dangerous place to live.Tobias Dunwalton has lived in Sparrow Falls his entire life and is used to the bizarre happenings in the area. At least until strange things start happening to him, too. Tobias is an outcast and a misfit, which in Sparrow Falls means he should fit right in. Yet even among all the other freaks and weirdos, he stands out. He always has. There's something about Tobias most people don't like though he's never been able to figure out what that is. Now, however, someone has taken a very dangerous interest in him. One that could prove fatal if he doesn't figure out the mystery of what is going on in time.Jeremy Harris has lived many different lives and died many violent deaths, always alone. In this life, Jeremy is the original serial killer of Sparrow Falls. He doesn't think of them as murders though. He thinks of them as necessary ...
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