Savannah Taylor
Publisher: Savannah Taylor
Pages: 72

The year is 1863 when our story begins. America, a proud country with a history that will be retold throughout the generations. However, the dark stain of racism, cruelty, and pain will never be erased from the history books. Slavery. A heartless practice of demeaning another human being for one’s own pleasure and satisfaction. Vincent Chamberlin understood this, but what could one man do. A wealthy slave owner’s son, engaged to the beautifully poisonous Theresa Knight, and the town’s golden boy. Charming, intelligent, wealthy, powerful, Vincent had everything he could possibly want. However, living in the false reality of peace between the white man and slaves was one he could not tolerate, especially when Juliette was involved. Juliette’s life was a building pile of tragedies, yet she always smiling, believing life can be whatever you make of it. Yet, such beliefs are tested ...
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