John Collins
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 93

125 COMMON GOLF MISTAKES is a collection of the most prevalent golf mistakes made by players of all levels. This book covers set up errors all the way through to mistakes made before you arrive at the course. The information is easy to understand and will unlock many repetitive mistakes that most players cannot figure out on their own. The key to correcting golf mistakes is understanding them and then addressing them in a way that works for you.There isn't a single mistake in golf that hasn't been seen by the larger part of all golfers. The Pro's spend a lifetime discovering and solving golf's little mysteries. This book contains a number of answers and tips to the most common errors made in golf.Here are a few valuable tips that are covered in this book:Create a mini game plan for every holeTwo-Put StrategyLearn when and how to Bump and RunIt's all about contactCourse Design ...
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