Keith Moreno
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 34

Parakeets (FREE BONUS INCLUDED)For Beginners - Learn Everything You Need To Know About Your Parakeet Care And Training!This eBook can give you all of the tips and advice that you need throughout the whole process of getting a parakeet from; where to get one and bringing it home to the definite equipment essentials that you need. It can also give you in depth information about feeding types and how to create a healthy well-rounded diet for your parakeet and what foods are poisonous and a definite no-no. This eBook can also help you to train your new friend and how to make the room safe when you decide to let them out of their cage (as well as how to get them back in if you let them out accidentally). Overall this eBook is a one stop guide to everything parakeet that is the only resource you will need for having a happy and healthy new pet.Here is a preview of what you'll learn:Background ...
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