Kitty Cox
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 392

They broke her.  Ruined.  Completely destroyed. Destiny was supposed to be perfect. As a teen, she'd given up boys for a love of pixilated wonders and fantastical ideas. She wasn't just a gamer, she was going to be a game maker. All she wanted was to give the world a little piece of her dream. Then they found her.Now, she can't do it. Can't do anything, really. Being close to another person is torture. The thought of being touched steals the breath from her lungs. Working on games? If they ever found out, they'd kill her - or so they said. She's not ok. Her memories live too close, flashbacks come too easily, and surviving each day is getting harder and harder.Nothing can take back what happened to her.He doesn't care.Chance thought he'd hit the jackpot. Finding the famous Destiny Pierce working at a hardware store? She was desperate enough to take his job offer, but ...
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