Desirae Grove
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 130

This is a stand-alone MM romance novel with an Mpreg theme, no cliffhangers, and a definitive HEA.You’d think with the thousands years of combined experience, the Council of High Born Vampires would come up with a better solution. Anything else would have been wiser than this.Human enslavement? Impregnation? Harems? Are they nuts?!?The ancient rite of ensuring an heir has been enacted, and now I’m forced to find a mate, and to put a baby in him.What if I believe in true love? What if I don’t want to feed on humans ever again?The solution presents itself before I can figure out what to do next.Kent Gordon.A gorgeous, muscled, dimpled cowboy, who just moved to the city and is completely unaware of what he is.For he’s not just a human. He’s a Ferax. And his powerful destiny is calling my name.I expected to fight the High Council to death. And I still might have to. Except the ...
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