Pat Porter
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 46

Do you own land?Do you just want to improve your property?Are you about to buy land?Are you a Realtor who occasionally has land tracts listed? Are you a land manager? If so, you can benefit from this short book. Just over 14,000 words. The eleven proven steps that can help you add value to your rural real estate are identified and clearly explained by a leading land broker. The steps offered in this concise book can help you sell your land faster by improving its overall desirability and helping it stand out among other rural real estate tracts on the market. Not selling right now? This information will help you improve your property's value for a future sale or just make it better for your kids and grandkids.Top land real estate agents and brokers will try to guide their clients in making reasonable improvements on their property in an effort to get a better price for their land and to ...
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