Chris Tomasso, Steve Pavlina
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 68

The no-nonsense path to a more abundant life. Scrolling through countless pictures of palm-trees and laptops, white smiles, and promises of freedom with skepticism, you can’t help but think, “What if?”Look, you want to make money online passively, but you don’t want to spin your wheels. You know it’s hard work, but you want to work smart so you can go on that vacation, do work you enjoy, or take care of the people close to you.But you don’t have an idea, or a plan, or a system that works for you yet. You’re confused and inundated with all the information the internet offers, not to mention skeezy internet marketers trying to take your money.You’re smart. You know that a lot of this information is available online. But who do you trust? And how do you know it’s good? Well, breathe in and experience the clarity you need. This book is based on the widely popular ...
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