O. Myers
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 104

Roderick Blockstone is a handsome young man who has it all—a beautiful, agreeable wife, a place in Parliament, and a large estate. But he’s quickly reduced to a cantankerous young man when his beloved wife dies in childbirth. His one and only daughter, Ann, grows up willful and disobedient, brazenly ignoring the etiquette lessons given by her in-home tutor. Lonely and wild, Ann befriends Henry, the stable boy. Picking berries and chasing each other through mud puddles eventually transforms into young love. When a new tragedy visits the Blockstone Estate, Roderick finally finds it in himself to love and embrace his daughter, and become the father his wife would have wanted him to be. But then he and Ann must learn the true meaning of love—the kind of love that spans both life, and death. BONUS book included
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