Gabriela M Radix
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 69

10 Steps to Find Work and Be Successful in CanadaA Guide for Immigrants Who Want To Thrive In a New CultureFREE Gift insideMoving to Canada is an exciting opportunity and adventure but can be also a challenge in finding a place to live, belonging to a community, fitting into the culture, language improvement. But few things can be harder than the constant rejection that comes with hunting for work. Finding an ‘adequate job’ is often the greatest difficulty for new immigrants arriving in Canada. Every professional immigrant thinking of moving to Canada needs a handy companion and a road map for success that will help them out through the process of settling in a new county. This book is an interactive and resourceful step-by-step guide filed with tips and up-to-date resources about what to do before and after you arrive in Canada and how to thrive in a new culture. Each step walks ...
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