Elliot Matthews
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 47

Are you tired of insects invading your home and spreading their diseases to your family?You could use chemical insect repellents to keep them out... but those could do more harm than good, as they can be extremely toxic to humans. What if there was another option? A way to keep dangerous and annoying insects out, witout the side-effects?The solution: natural, non-toxic, homemade repellents!This book will teach you all the options you have to deal with insects, as well as detailed recipes using everyday ingredients. You will learn all of the following:The Many Benefits of Homemade RepellentsRepellent-Making Essentials - everything you need to know to get started right nowMosquito RepellentsAnt RepellentsRoach RepellentsDust-Mite RepellentsSpider RepellentsOn-The-Go Repellents and Camping AdviceIf you want to deal with any of the insects above in your home, or you're looking to go ...
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