Bradford M. Smith
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 344

The hu-amorous true story of an animal-phobic, city robotics engineerwho learns too late that his new bride's dream is to have a farm whereshe can rescue ex-racehorses. When the newlyweds take a Meyers-BriggsPersonality Test for fun, it tells them that their marriage is doomed.There is only one problem: they took the test after the wedding. Sowhether he's chasing a cow named Pork Chop through the woods, gettinglocked in a tack room by the family pony, being snubbed by his wife'sfavorite dog, or unsuccessfully trying to modernize their barn using the latest technology, the odds are already stacked against him. It seemslike everything on four legs is out to get him. Will the animals proveMeyers-Briggs right? Will he admit defeat, or will he fight to keep hisfamily and the farm together?Enjoy the true, warm, andfrequently hilarious stories of a man's journey along the bumpy roadfrom his ...
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