Kathia, Kate Perry
Publisher: Firelight & Fairy Dust Unlimited, Inc.
Pages: 275

"A storyteller, weaving magic wherever she goes, much to the delight of her millions of fans." – The Literary ShedAll three parts in one volume!Part One:Eleanor Westwood-Fehr gave up being a prima ballerina for dreams of love. Big mistake—one she won't make again.   Determined, she won't let anything stop her from opening a dance studio. Not her doubts. Not her teenage daughter. And certainly not her new mysterious neighbor, no matter how enticing he might be…Part Two:Eleanor Westwood strikes a deal with her neighbor: if Max withdraws the complaint that stopped renovation on her dance studio, she'll help him with his movie score.   Being a muse shouldn't be hard, right? For Eleanor there's too much at stake to fail. She just never realized that rousing Max's imagination means rousing his passion too—for the music, and for Eleanor herself.Part Three:Eleanor Westwood and her ...
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4.5 stars from 144 ratings
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