Mark Mulle
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 65

Zek is a Zombie Pigman adopted by two humans and treated as their own son. Their peaceful lives will be threatened by unwanted guests who want to come out of a Nether Portal. Can they stop them or will Zek be separated from the only family he has knew?The Zombie Pigmen have been known by Minecraft players for a very long time. Despite their odd and menacing look, the Zombie Pigmen never attack players on first sight, and only engage in combat if attacked first.Zek is a Zombie Pigman who was found by two humans right next to the Nether Portal that they both built next to their house. The couple decided to adopt this creature, even though the Zombie Pigmen and Humans have been battling each other in this server for many years.Zek grew up in a nice environment, being spoiled by his parents and enjoying a good life. But one day, this peaceful routine is changed: It seems someone is trying ...
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