Tom Edwards
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 350

"This book is a smart investment for anyone who craves an independent lifestyle."It's possible to make more money doing on own than you ever did at "regular" job.Two Bucks to Timbuktu reveals the secrets of digital nomads, seasoned vagabonds, and savvy backpackers. Learn how to make cash wherever you are in the world—from starting an e-commerce business, freelance work online, or getting interesting jobs like manning a sled-dog team in Alaska or swabbing decks on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean.Those who dare can try their hand at “Extreme Budget Travel” with detailed instructions for hitchhiking, hopping trains, finding free food and accommodation, free sightseeing, and more.Cut ties with your boss or finally plan that big adventure from your daydreams. Wherever your vagabond shoes long to stray, Two Bucks to Timbuktu will tell you exactly how to get there on any budget.Find ...
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