Tondeleya Allen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 31

"You Really Do Deserve Me" explores just a few of the qualities of a Super Wife, some things we can all try to have more peace in our marriages, and little ways wives can support and complement their husbands. defines complement this way: “something that completes or makes perfect.” That beautiful definition succinctly fits a Super wife to a T.A Super wife is queen of motivation in her home. Her grace, strength, insight, comfort, resolve during a storm, brilliance, and even her joy make up a very unique skill-set that any man would be blessed to have. A Super Wife faces every challenge with optimism and strives to handle day-to-day circumstances with grace, strength, and humor.This quick little read offers 52 affirmations and 6 Bonuses including: * How I Saved My Marriage * Who Told You No?* A Mother's Work* Room for What Inspires You* Beautiful Smile Girl and* A New ...
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