Jimmy Joker
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300+ FUNNY YO MAMA JOKES!Get ready to laugh your tail off at these funny and hilarious yo mama jokes! You can be the life of the party and make everyone laugh while using these jokes. You are sure to win any yo mama joke battle!300+ funny yo momma jokesHilarious yo momma insults and humorLots of funny jokes and entertainmentLaugh until you cry at these funny yo momma jokesAll jokes separated into easy to find and convenient chaptersChapter 1: Yo mama is so skinny…Chapter 2: Yo mama is so fat…Chapter 3: Yo mama is so old…Chapter 4: Yo mama is so short…Chapter 5: Yo mama is so tall…Chapter 6: Yo mama is so poor…Chapter 7: Yo mama is so ugly…Chapter 8: Yo mama is so stupid…Chapter 9: Yo mama is so lazy…Chapter 10: Yo mama is so hairy…Chapter 11: Yo mama is so bald…Chapter 12: More yo mama jokes…DID YOU KNOW?Laughing can have positive physical and mental effects on ...
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