Suzanne Jenkins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 33

In an effort to save their marriage, Big Ed makes arrangements for the couple to join Pam’s new husband, Randy Braddock on a journey to the Australian Outback. They’ll be part of the team on National Geographic’s Adventure Trek, which Randy hosts. From the moment their plane takes off from JFK, they experience one disaster after another in this prequel to Pam of Babylon #14. But more than comedy and angst, Gladys and Big Ed begin the healing process they had ignored, grieving for their dead son, Lisa Smith Ford Chua’s late husband, Ed. As Gladys said in Pam #13, “Whoever said an old marriage was impervious was dead wrong. It’s the most fragile of all.” Hopefully, the trip will help propel Gladys and Big Ed toward healing and reconciliation on the roller-coaster that is marriage. Coming soon, Pam’s Adventures in Babylon, Pam of Babylon #14
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