Dr. James St.Clair "Dr. J"
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YES or NO: Would you ever want your dog in pain? If you love your dog then of course the answer is an immediate, NO! Our dogs are family members, loved ones and if we knew that they were in pain, it would hurt us deeply. Yet millions of dogs around the world are suffering every day silently and their pet parents don't even "SEE IT". Just in the USA alone, of the estimated 74 million dogs, 1 in 5 suffers from some degree of arthritis and yet the vast majority of dog owners have no idea and even worse their veterinarians often are not identifying these pain signs until much later in the disease process, when pain can often become debilitating after years of suffering.Internationally recognized veterinarian, author of the 5-star rated Home Rehabilitation Guides and lover of all dogs, Dr. James St.Clair, is on a quest to change pet owner’s perception of pain in dogs. After interviewing ...
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